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Management Vision

Long-term strategy


We aim to unite all Duskin businesses so as to serve our customers in the most effective and courteous manner.

A one and only franchise system where franchisor and franchisees share our Management Philosophy
To be a unique group of companies that contribute to creating communities where people are connected, safe, and live happily.
The most trusted franchise business in the community
To become the most reliable service provider, proactively anticipating customers' needs and providing innovative solutions.
All business units and services join to respond to the needs of our customers.
To commit to an all-out, system-wide effort to provide the best services for our customers.
We are implementing our nine-year long-term strategy ONE DUSKIN plan, in three phases.
ONE DUSKIN plan in three phases

Medium-Term Management Policy

In the second phase (FY2018-FY2020) of our nine-year strategy, Duskin is strengthening and deepening our roots by improving corporate structure. Like a careful gardener, we are reinforcing our tree trunk by further developing existing businesses. We are also branching out into new areas and markets. With our stronger root system and trunk, Duskin is committed to robust growth, bearing good fruit for our future.

Strengthening corporate structure

Structure reform

Enhance corporate function by reviewing head office operations and reallocate human resources to growing businesses

Corporate governance

Enhance decision-making and oversight functions of the Board of Directors and expedite business execution with the new Operating Officer System

Expansion of existing businesses: Direct Selling Group

Daily Life Fine-Tuning Service evolved to help people fine-tune the rhythm of their daily life

With the advancement of the internet, and an increasingly aging population, people's lifestyles and workstyles are changing. Accordingly, Duskin leverages our strength of direct selling, home-visiting and onsite services to directly interact with customers and learn their needs. Our businesses have evolved from cleaning services to offer Daily Life Fine-Tuning Service: We fine-tune the rhythm of their daily lives and help people keep organized, giving our customers more time for joy.

Expansion of existing businesses: Food Group

"Something good's gonna happen. Mister Donut."

With an aim to improve its brand value, Mister Donut is committed to providing happy moments for customers of all ages to enjoy throughout the day.

Next core business

Examining the potential of the existing businesses to build the next core businesses in Food Group

New growth

New business development and M&A

Develop mergers and acquisitions (M&A), business alliances with public sector and educational institutions, and new businesses

Overseas business development

Establish our brands in growing Asian markets

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