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Message from Representative Directors

Moving ahead with what's needed
— right here, right now Teruji Yamamura Representative Director and Chairman, Hiroyuki Okubo Representative Director, President and CEO

A new management to address changing business climate and social issues

Following the closing of the 60th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors has resolved for Mr. Hiroyuki Okubo to take office as Representative Director, President and CEO, while his predecessor, Mr. Teruji Yamamura, will serve as Representative Director and Chairman. With this renewed management in place, we will continue to boost Duskin's corporate value by further reinforcing and enhancing our management structure and by implementing the Medium-Term Management Policy 2022.

Scaling new heights in ONE DUSKIN final phase

Our newly formulated Medium-Term Management Policy 2022 will span FY2022 through FY2024. Over this three-year period, we are carrying out the initiatives within Phase III marking the completion of our long-term strategy ONE DUSKIN while further building on the foundation laid during the first two phases.

Based on the Medium-Term Management Policy, we have established three strategic themes to unify business and morals in pursuit of sustainable growth while benefiting the society at large.

The first theme is reforming our business portfolios. We are committed to expanding our areas of business and boosting the value chain by bringing new products and services to market, in an effort to reform and grow existing businesses. We will also aim to establish a corporate structure capable of keeping up with the fluctuating business environment by actively investing in new growth opportunities. The ultimate goal is to always be ready to respond to the changing needs of our customers.

The second theme is establishing a solid foundation. To achieve it, we will speed up Duskin's digital transformation — a process meant to boost our human and technology resources and reinforce the organizational and business control systems as well as to strengthen customer relationships and streamline the production-to-distribution workflow chain.

The third theme is coexistence with local communities. As part of our commitment to contributing to the creation of sustainable communities and strengthening our corporate governance, we will pursue recycling-oriented rental systems, promote the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), switch to renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

A company moving toward sustainability

As a company listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Duskin is focused on creating a stricter governance structure in line with the revised Corporate Governance Code.

Duskin is determined to do its part for greater corporate value and for developing a sustainable society by achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To move forward on these goals, we are working toward Creating Shared Value (CSV) aimed at tackling economic, social and environmental issues through our business. At the same time, we will improve our corporate governance to generate value for everyone by providing solutions in these three areas. With our unwavering management philosophy at the heart of all our endeavors, we will continue to work hard to be the company of choice for our customers while sowing the seeds of joy to people and the greater society.