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Management Philosophy

Our founder's philosophy lives on.

Attentive care for our customers is our utmost focus, based on our founder's philosophy which lives on to today. His principles in life are reflected in our management philosophy called Prayerful Management.
All of our employees incorporate his philosophy, of sharing joy and doing our best, in our everyday activities.

Management philosophy. Day after day, beginning with today, both you and I have a chance to begin our lives anew. Whether our lot today be profit or loss,be spiritually ready for loss.As a planter would, let us sow the seeds of joy to every person we meet each day. For everyone, for you and me,may we lead our lives in this world to the fullest, realizing our maximum spiritualand material potential.

Sow the Seeds of Joy within people and communities.

Profit is the reward of joyous transactions.

Duskin's founder, Seiichi Suzuki believed "Profit is the reward of joyous transactions," and energetically continued his businesses, wishing that everyone who took part in Duskin's activities, would become happy. Home Duskin, a modern treated cloth, started a new way of dusting without water. Introducing this method was a big step to realize our founder's wish. People called it the magic dust cloth - and it brought cleaning innovation to homes in Japan.

Franchise to fulfill the philosophy

Seiichi Suzuki adopted the franchise system to spread dust control business so that everyone who agreed with Duskin's philosophy, Sowing the Seeds of Joy, could use this business as an opportunity for their success. Our headquarters and franchisees are united in a strong relationship. Together, we follow the same philosophy. By Sowing the Seeds of Joy, we grow the businesses, sharing in each other's fortune and future.

Franchising is a way of life.

At Duskin, we believe the franchising system enriches us spiritually and materially, as we support each other and continue to grow together. "Franchising is a way of life" means that franchising brings not only success in business but also success in life.

Franchise system to Sow the Seeds of Joy