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President's Message

We leverage our strengths to respond to the changing needs of society and customers. Teruji Yamamura President & CEO

Creating social value through Sowing the Seeds of Joy for people and communities

At Duskin, we are deeply committed to our management philosophy to Sow the Seeds of Joy for people and communities. Unwavering and ever-devoted, this is our pledge to keep unchanged and shared with future generations. Translating this philosophy into our business operations, we place a special emphasis on the innovation of products and services to suit the diversifying needs of customers and communities in this time of dynamic change.

Recent years have seen a new focus on the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV), which is about creating social value as well as business value by addressing social issues through business activities. This idea has been one of our core principles since our founding. To quote a passage from our management philosophy: "For everyone, for you and me, may we lead our lives in this world to the fullest, realizing our maximum spiritual and material potential."

Our management philosophy is shared and practiced throughout our franchise network. Not only our employees but also franchisees are equally committed. We, Duskin Group, are united and strengthened by the same philosophy to provide quality services for communities and customers. Since our founding, this has been and will continue to be our cornerstone and strength.

Placing great importance on the human touch in an AI-driven world

Since spring 2019, we have been delivering a message, "We place great importance on the human touch in an AI-driven world." in our corporate advertising. Although we are fully taking advantage of machine intelligence by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) in every possible area of our businesses, we still maintain a singular focus on the human side of our business to understand our customers and to enhance the quality of our services to serve them best.

In this technology-driven world where interpersonal contact is diminishing, we are putting most of our efforts in building up our strengths—the personal touch and gracious hospitality that are uniquely ours. With these strengths, we will continue to Sow the Seeds of Joy for people and society.