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Message from the Chairman

Future initiatives to address business issues

Our business environment is in the midst of dramatic fluctuations, which are projected to continue for the foreseeable future. Accordingly, we are boosting our portfolio management and making improvements to our business base to achieve structural reform. In response to changes in the business environment caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we will focus further on the delivery of the kind of information that our customers need, as well as the development of new distribution routes, including home deliveries and takeout.

At present, online and digitalization are developing at a rapid rate. The key here is not to focus on digitalization only, but also to effectively integrate one of Duskin's strengths — attentive service to customers — with digitalization. In so doing, we are confident that we can continue to deliver products and services that meet changing customer needs.

Key strategies for the current fiscal year

The Direct Selling Group helps customers to fine-tune their daily lives with our products and services, matching the rhythm of their living and working environments. In this connection, we are stepping up sales of hygiene management products confirmed and certified by third parties as antibacterial and antiviral. We have also developed a hygiene service package combining professional cleaning and technical services, and implemented an initiative focused on hygiene management at events and schools. Further, we at Duskin are re-making our brand image as a company engaged in cleaning services into that of a company forging healthy environments in a broader sense, under the banner of "Creating Healthy Environments."

To bring even more fun and great flavors to our customers, the Food Group has introduced donuts with a different kind of texture as well as enhancing our regular products, and formed partnerships and collaborative projects with other companies. In addition, we are creating hygiene-conscious shops by adopting contactless sales, including semi-self-service cash registers and the stepping up of takeout ordering.

A company moving toward sustainability

Duskin is focused on creating a stricter governance structure, including addressing Japan's revised Corporate Governance Code and reviewing our preparedness for the Tokyo Stock Exchange reclassifications slated for implementation next year.

Duskin is determined to do its part for the development of a sustainable society that strives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and also to raise corporate value. To move forward on these objectives, we are working toward Creating Shared Value (CSV) with a view to resolving economic, social and environmental issues through our business — even during the coronavirus pandemic. And at the same time, we will improve our corporate governance to generate value for everyone by solving problems in these three areas.