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President's Message

With ONE DUSKIN, we continue to help people lead more comfortable and happy lives. Teruji Yamamura President & CEO

Phase II of the long-term strategy
ONE DUSKIN has started.

We at Duskin, closely working with each and every customer, deliver Seeds of Joy. With the goal of winning our customers'trust, we formulated our long-term strategy, ONE DUSKIN. This year, we begin the second phase of this long-term strategy, Medium-Term Management Policy 2018 (FY2018-FY2020). With the advancement of the internet, and an increasingly aging population, people's lifestyles and workstyles are changing. Duskin will continue to help to make people's lives comfortable, providing quality products and services tailored to meet diverse needs at home and in the work place, and meeting the lifestyles of a population living in this age of the 100-year life.

Making improvements to better serve our customers

In FY2018, Clean & Care Group has been renamed Direct Selling Group. We aim to reinforce closer cooperation across this new group's business lines, which include rentals of cleaning tools, professional cleaning, home help services, pest control, senior care, rentals of assisted living equipment, cosmetics and health food sales, uniform rental and maintenance, and event support services. To make the cooperation across business lines effective, we reorganized this side of our corporate structure to meet the diversifying needs of our customers. Our strength at person-to-person services (via direct selling, home visiting and onsite services)helps customers achieve more harmony and balance in their lives, by addressing the work needs and home needs that we hear about firsthand. Using this feedback, we are always improving our products and services to keep our customers in tune and on time. We fine-tune the rhythm of daily lives and help keep them organized, giving our customers more time for joy.

Mister Donut, the core business of Food Group, will continue improvements like shop renovation to create comfortable ambience, and opening and relocating shops in line with customer traffic flow. Developing menu items for different times of the day, Mister Donut is committed to providing a relaxing ambience for customers to enjoy throughout the day. Food Group will also accelerate multiple unit development of other existing businesses.

Both Direct Selling Group and Food Group are working toward their goals building on the foundation developed in the first three-year phase of the long-term ONE DUSKIN strategy. Duskin will reinforce its corporate structure through reform and improving corporate governance. With these efforts, we will achieve sustainable growth.