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Our Brands

Sowing the Seeds of Joy
in our daily lives and communities

Duskin operates a variety of businesses that help make customers' homes and work environments more comfortable and harmonious. Our franchise system provides products and services to customers through our shops and service units that have deep roots in their local communities.

  • Number of units in Japan (as of March 2020)
  • The number of units is those in operation.
    As some units operate multiple brands, the total number of units may differ from the actual number of units.

Direct Selling Group

Fine-tuning home and work environments to bring harmony to your day

  • Dust Control

    Rental and sales of cleaning products

    Number of units: 1,911

  • ServiceMaster

    Professional cleaning service

    Number of units: 1,122

  • Terminix

    Pest control and comprehensive sanitary management

    Number of units: 569

  • Merry Maids

    Convenient home cleaning and helper services

    Number of units: 763

  • Total Green

    Maintaining plants and flowers

    Number of units: 132

  • Home Repair

    Fixing scratches and dents

    Number of units: 81

  • Uniform Service

    Leasing, sales and cleaning of uniforms

    Number of units: 216

  • Health & Beauty

    Cosmetics and health foods

    Number of units: 466

  • Drink Service

    Delivery of natural water and coffee

    Number of units: 696

  • Rent-All

    Rental of special event and daily-use items

    Number of units: 110

  • Health Rent

    Rental and sales of home health care items

    Number of units: 160

  • Duskin Life Care

    Quality home care for seniors

    Number of units: 90

  • Duskin Healthcare

    Sanitary environments for medical institutions

    Number of facilities: 214

Food Group

Providing happy moments for customers of all ages

  • Mister Donut

    Homemade donuts and a variety of menu items

    Number of shops: 975

  • Bakery Factory

    Bakery shops with fresh-from-the-oven items

    Number of shops: 5

  • Pie Face

    Pie specialty stores from Australia

    Number of shops: 3

  • Katsu & Katsu

    Pork cutlet restaurants with quality ingredients

    Number of restaurants: 16


    Hamburger and donut shops

    Number of shops: 2