ESG activities SDGs Focused areas
  • ●Environmental management
  • ●Contribution to a recycling-oriented society
  • ●Global warming countermeasures,including energy conservation
  • ●Conservation and effective use of water resources
We work to achieve the joint objective of engaging in sound business activities and environmental conservation. Duskin provides safe, reliable services and products that are eco-friendly throughout all phases of their lifespan, from production to after-use.
  • ●Quality assurance
  • ●Sustainable supply chain
  • ●Safety and reliability
  • ●Communication with customers
Safety, reliability, and quality
Our goal is to build an improved, enriched, more fulfilled society by providing safe and reliable products and services. We continuously strive to achieve the highest quality management, reflecting the voice of customers.
  • ●Employment and work environment
  • ●Human resource development
  • ●Work-life balance
  • ●Diversity
  • ●Health maintenance and improvement
Human resources
The quality of our service depends on the people who provide the services. To provide considerate products and services, we need people with compassionate hearts as well as skills and knowledge. Based on this belief, Duskin puts thoughtful resources and efforts into a variety of education and training for our employees and franchisees.
  • ●Social contribution activities
  • ●Providing solutions for social problems through business
Local and social contribution
As a corporation and a member of local communities, we aim to be of more assistance to the communities of our customers. Duskin's various initiatives contribute to our local communities in line with our philosophy of Sowing the Seeds of Joy.
  • ●Corporate governance
  • ●Risk management
  • ●Compliance
Corporate Governance
In addition to establishing a management framework that allows us to accommodate changes in our business environment with swiftness and precision, we continue to maintain a structure, organization and systems for sound and highly transparent management. Duskin also places compliance at the center of all our corporate activities, in order to continuously improve our corporate value.