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Third-Party Guarantee

To bolster the trustworthiness and accuracy of the information presented in Corporate Report 2021, Duskin receives a guarantee of accuracy from an independent third-party organization regarding primary non-financial indicators presented in this report.

Third-Party Guarantee
Independent third-party verified items
  • ●Number of employees (Duskin Group)
  • ●Number and ratio of females in managerial positions (Duskin Co., Ltd.)
  • ●People with disabilities employed (Duskin Group in Japan)
  • ●Energy usage (Duskin Group, franchisees and franchised plants)
  • ●CO2 emission (Scopes 1, 2 and 3)
  • ●Water intake (Production and logistic facilities)

On the publication of Corporate Report 2021

Duskin has been publishing its Corporate Report since FY2016. The report brings together in a single publication our medium- and long-term value creation vision and growth strategy, information about our ESG and other initiatives and financial and non-financial information.

In the 2021 Report, we make an effort to deepen understanding of our value creation story and our future initiatives to address our CSV materiality and business challenges. Along with messages from our Outside Directors as in the last year's version, the 2021 Report also features a message from our CFO, the officer advancing our growth investment, and a conversation among three employees about their career vision for the years ahead.

Preparation of the 2021 Report was led by the IR Section of Corporate Planning with the assistance of a number of relevant company departments within the Duskin Group. As head of the Corporate Planning Group responsible for editing the report, I hereby state that the report was prepared properly and that its contents are accurate.

The Corporate Report is a valuable tool for deepening the dialogue among shareholders, investors and other stakeholders, and we intend to continue improving the content and transparency. I look forward to hearing the frank opinions and feedback from all those who read this Report.

September 2021
Hiroyuki Okubo
Director & Operating Officer
Corporate Planning Group