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President's Message

Teruji Yamamura President & CEO Duskin Co., Ltd.

Duskin Group's ESG efforts go hand-in-hand with our business activities

Duskin Group is committed to executing our joint initiatives for Environment, Social and Governance (collectively ESG) issues as an integral part of our business activities.

Environment: Duskin focuses on environmental conservation by reducing greenhouse gas emissions within each business segment and carrying out 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activities as exemplified by our recycling-oriented rental systems.

Society: With an enhanced human resources management system and training programs, Duskin is undertaking initiatives for greater diversity and work style reform to make our workplace more worker-friendly. Also included in our initiatives are: local cleaning campaigns; school education support activities including on-site classes that help raise children's interest in cleaning; and the Duskin AINOWA Foundation that focuses on independent living for the disabled and their total participation in society.

Governance: We will redouble our efforts for expediting decision-making process and providing increased transparency in our business. With the newly introduced Directors Evaluation and Nomination System, we will further enhance effectiveness of the Board of Directors.

55 years of Sowing the Seeds of Joy to society

This year, on November 16, we will mark our 55th anniversary. Since our founding, we have committed ourselves to Sowing the Seeds of Joy to society. United with our franchisees as partners, Duskin continues to develop our franchise system as a unique, deeply meaningful, and satisfying way to live and serve each other and our community. We will continues to create new values and enhance our existing offerings.

To express our appreciation to our shareholders, Duskin plans to pay an additional, commemorative dividend of 10 yen per share. Therefore, the total interim dividend is planned to be 30 yen. With the year-end dividend of 20 yen per share, the full-year dividend is to be 50 yen per share.

In deepest appreciation of your continued support for this year and those to come, we are enthusiastic about the positive forecast and our future together.

August 2018
Teruji Yamamura
President & CEO
Teruji Yamamura