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President's Message

With the philosophy of Economy
and Morals in Unity at the core,
we create social value through our
business and pursue
sustainable growth.

Teruji Yamamura President & CEO Duskin Co., Ltd.

Our philosophy for business management and practice

What must be kept unchanged and what should be changed with these changing times?

Since my appointment as President, my personal mission has been to fully inherit and embrace our management philosophy and share it with future generations at Duskin.

I have asked myself why Founder Seiichi Suzuki established Duskin. I have come to realize that he wanted to Sow the Seeds of Joy for people and communities, so he put this philosophy into practice, into cleaning and donut businesses. Sowing the Seeds of Joy is the very essence of Duskin and is the driving force for Duskin Group. This is why I believe our management philosophy must be kept unchanged and shared with future generations.

It does not mean that we should maintain the status quo in our business operations, however. Customer needs are constantly changing in this dynamic environment, and, under these circumstances, my role is to understand these changes and chart the course of our business.

Our products, services and organization structure have also changed to respond to a diverse marketplace with aging populations, in an ever-connected world through increasing use of the internet. In FY2018, Clean & Care Group was renamed Direct Selling Group to reinforce closer cooperation across business lines under the singular unified concept of our Daily Life Fine-Tuning Service. This service helps customers keep their lives organized and fine-tunes the rhythm of their daily activities, both at home and in the workplace.

We will continue to uphold our management philosophy, respond to changing customer needs and deliver quality products and services to Sow the Seeds of Joy for people and communities.

CSV management

Economy and Morals in Unity at the heart of our business since its founding

Recent years have seen an increasing focus on the practice of Creating Shared Value (CSV), which is about creating social value and business value through economic activities. The idea of CSV is to achieve both a sustainable society and business growth. In Japan, ESG (environmental, social and governance) investment in 2018 increased to two trillion dollars, 4.6 times the amount it was in 2016. Governments, municipalities and companies are actively implementing initiatives toward achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are common goals and targets for nations and groups to achieve by 2030.

The practice of CSV matches our core principle, the philosophy of Economy and Morals in Unity, and serves as a guideline for driving our business forward. This is best illustrated with the example of our first product, Home Duskin. Introduced by our Founder Seiichi Suzuki, it was called the "magic dust cloth" because it could remove dust without water, reducing the burden of wet cleaning. Another example was the establishment of a new, innovative distribution channel for renting items through a franchise system so that many more customers could benefit from our products. Suzuki's passion to serve society by responding to their needs with innovation predated, yet is completely consistent with the current practice of CSV.

All our franchisees and our corporate employees embrace our management philosophy and form the Duskin franchise network with shared goals and visions for the future. This is the bond that unites us and distinguishes us from all others.

As a team of headquarters staff and franchisees, we are committed to CSV management, reflecting the voice of customers as we create new value.

Message for stakeholders

Building on our strengths to Sow the Seeds of Joy

Since spring 2019, we have been delivering a message, "We place great importance on the human touch in an AI-driven world." in our corporate advertising. This phrase illustrates a core strength and continued focus.

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) are in use in every area of society. In this technology-driven world where interpersonal contact is diminishing, we are placing greater importance on the human touch. Along with this effort, however, we are also taking advantage of machine intelligence where operational efficiency and accuracy of routine tasks can be achieved by utilizing RPA and production automation. This enables us to create more opportunities for our employees to focus on the human side of businesses, understanding our customers and improving service delivery.

While reinforcing closer cooperation across business lines to meet the diversifying needs and expectations of customers, we are putting all our effort to build on our strengths—personal touch and gracious hospitality that are uniquely ours—to Sow the Seeds of Joy for people and society.

In deepest appreciation of your continued support for this year and those to come, we are enthusiastic about our future together.

August 2019
Teruji Yamamura
President & CEO
Teruji Yamamura