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Source of Value Creation

Generate "profit that is the reward of
joyous transactions" guided by three
non-financial factors


Significant non-financial factors

Sustainable franchise system

Duskin has a unique franchise network in which the head office and franchisees share the same interests and are united by the same management philosophy. The head office and franchisees also share the goal of achieving a society where customers can lead a happy and peaceful life. This has been and will be Duskin's greatest strength.

Duskin's franchise system

Duskin's franchise system

Significant non-financial factors

Framework to ensure safety and reliability

In order to ensure that all our products and services are safe and reliable, Duskin's quality assurance framework works from development to after launch. Our Quality Assurance & Risk Management team has two important functions: to supervise the quality control conducted by each business line and monitor the safety and reliability of products and services; and to conduct inspections on products and services and evaluate them from the viewpoint of customers. The team also organizes the Quality Assurance & Environment Committee, consisting of Outside Directors and managers of major divisions. They hold the Committee meetings twice a year to deliberate the guidelines of quality control and assurance and the environment.

During the development phase, prior to launch, the safety and reliability of products and services are objectively reviewed at the development meetings. For the development of food products and services and their specification changes, internal rules require that we ensure their safety at a meeting of the Safety Council. Following a launch, we maintain our established levels of quality by conducting regular and spot quality checks on products in distribution.

Quality assurance framework

Quality assurance framework

Significant non-financial factors

Most trusted people who know the community

Duskin supports each franchisee in developing their own staff experience and expertise. Most of the franchise owners and staff members were born and raised in the communities where they run their businesses now: They fully understand the specific needs and attributes of each local market. These franchise owners and staff members have proven abilities to provide quality services and have been striving to be the best service provider in their community.

Major training facilities

  • Duskin's founder Seiichi Suzuki
    Duskin's founder Seiichi Suzuki established Mister Donut Japan Training Center (now called Mister Donut College), and was one of the first trainers to teach at the center.
  • Duskin School
    Duskin School, founded in 2010, is a comprehensive training place where trainees can learn subjects ranging from management philosophy to operational know-how.
  • the training room of Duskin School
    In the training room of Duskin School, trainees can learn techniques and skills in practical programs using mock-up facilities including home and commercial kitchens and bathrooms.