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Model of Value Creation

With our long-term strategy,
ONE DUSKIN, Duskin Group is united
to create shared value.

Our society faces many complex issues, for example, those caused by an aging population and global warming. To tackle these issues, Duskin aims to create shared value (CSV) and achieve a society in which people can live fruitful and happy lives.

CSV Focused areas Social value Contribution to SDGs
Sustainable Development of Society Franchise network
  • ■ Ease the burden of household chores and home cleaning
  • ■ Support seniors living at home and alleviate the burden of family caregivers
  • ■ Contribute to building a community comfortable to live in
  • ■ Ensure food safety and reliability
  • ■ Deliver products and services steadily
Supply chain
Eco-Friendliness Action on climate change
  • ■ Contribute to a recycling-oriented society by providing rental items that are continuously in use
  • ■ Increase the recycling of food waste and reduce food waste
  • ■ Curb the use of disposable plastic that causes marine pollution
  • ■ Mitigate climate change by cutting greenhouse gas emissions
Recycling-oriented society
Human Resource Development Diversity and inclusion
  • ■ Increase diversity of the workplace by including more people of different backgrounds to create greater opportunities for all
  • ■ Contribute to economic development by helping employees live fulfilling lives