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Compliance Committee

Duskin has established Compliance Committee Rules for the purposes of maintaining a compliance framework for the Duskin Group and ensuring that compliance is an integral part of business operations. The Compliance Committee serves as an advisory body to the Board of Directors. The members of this committee are Directors, Operating Officers, Audit & Supervisory Board Members, a labor union representative and attorneys who are selected by resolutions of the Board of Directors. The committee is chaired by a Director and Operating Officer who is selected by the committee members. At regularly scheduled meetings, committee members discuss ideas for improvements regarding various issues from the standpoint of compliance. In addition, the committee’s ideas and proposals are reflected in systems, rules and other aspects of compliance.

During FY2018, the committee held four meetings to discuss compliance structures, regulations, annual plans, training programs and internal reporting systems, and made reports.

Compliance training

Annual training sessions

As part of its efforts to ensure that its members are aware of and enforce the Duskin Code of Conduct, Duskin Group holds compliance training sessions every year for all of its Directors and employees.

FY2018 training sessions were highlighted by a lecture by an attorney at law, Mr. Shohei Furukawa, OH-EBASHI LPC & PARTNERS. A case study training session on racial harassment was also conducted.

Day of Resolve

May 31 is the Duskin Group’s Day of Resolve. On May 31, 2002, Duskin was issued an order of partial business suspension by the Osaka Prefecture Government due to a violation of the Food Sanitation Act.

Every year on May 31, lectures by outside experts are conducted to help all Duskin employees reflect on the Large Meat Dumpling incident*. All employees write messages pledging compliance to consumers and society.

Employees who do not know about the incident are encouraged to listen to senior employees. By recalling the incident, Duskin reminds all employees of the importance of compliance with regulations. This is our responsibility to society. We pledge our resolve and reaffirm the determination to do right by building upon our solid compliance structure.

  • *Large Meat Dumpling incident: An unauthorized food additive in Japan was used for the Large Meat Dumplings sold at Mister Donut. While Duskin discovered this problem at the early stage of the incident, the use of this food additive was not disclosed to the public until inquiries were made by the media. This resulted in severe social criticism.

Insider information management

Duskin has formulated Rules on Insider Information Management and the Detailed Rules on Insider Information. All information regarding Duskin’s businesses, operations and performance is gathered and controlled at the IR Section, which is responsible for the handling of information. We disclose our information based on the belief that the timely and appropriate disclosure of corporate information to investors is the basis of a sound securities market. We are committed to ensuring the fairness and soundness of the securities market.

The IR Section organizes training and educational programs for Directors and employees of Duskin and its affiliated companies to help them deepen their understanding of the importance of information management and the prevention of insider trading, in accordance with the Rules on Insider Information Management.


In line with the intent of the Whistleblower Protection Act of Japan, Duskin operates Compliance Hotlines that make it possible to report occurrences directly to our Legal and Compliance Department and to an external law firm. By having mechanisms in place that keep an eye out for legal infractions, unethical conduct including bribery and corruption, and internal impropriety, we seek to foster a sound and highly transparent corporate climate.

We allow anonymous reporting, protect the privacy of whistleblowers, and ensure there are no negative consequences of submitting a report.

FY2018 hotline users 25: internal 21, external 4

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