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Reuse of mop and mat products at Direct Selling Group

Since our founding in 1963, Duskin has delivered rental products including mops, mats and other cleaning tools on a periodic basis. All used items are collected from customers, and 97% of the collected items are washed in the laundry plants and reused.

The remaining 3% unusable items are utilized as fuels. All products are repeatedly used until their usable life ends. Dust and dirt on mops and mats are also recycled into materials for cement.

■Our reuse and recycling system
Our reuse and recycling system
Our reuse and recycling system

Waste reduction and recycling at Food Group

Mister Donut strives to provide a variety of donuts for customers to choose, even just before store closing time. Mister Donut therefore makes continued efforts to recycle any unsold donuts.

In the Kanto and Tokai areas, unsold donuts are reprocessed in processing plants into animal feed. In FY2019, Mister Donut plans to start recycling donuts into biogas in the Kansai area.

■Food waste and recycling at Food Group's shops/restaurants
Food waste and recycling at Food Group's shops/restaurants

Response to climate change and reduction of energy consumption

Duskin focuses on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions across the supply chain to achieve the long-term environmental goal of a 26% decrease from FY2013 by 2030.

At Food Group, all shops and restaurants manage energy consumption through controlling air conditioner temperature and avoiding simultaneous use of equipment. Production & Logistics facilities make efficient use of energy in our business operations by introducing energy-saving equipment and improving the efficiency of machinery operation. These activities contribute to reducing CO2 emissions that are one of the causes of global warming.

■CO2 emission (t-CO2)
CO2 emission (t-CO2)