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Defining focused areas

Duskin has defined our focused areas based on social issues and challenges set forth in ESG activities and SDGs. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and goals for each focused area are also established to implement the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycles. In FY2018, the first year of the second phase of ONE DUSKIN long-term strategy, our KPIs and goals have been re-examined from a medium- to long-term perspective. (Refer to the next page.)

ESG activities SDGs Focused areas
  • • Environmental management
  • • Contribution to a recycling-oriented society
  • • Waste reduction
  • • Global warming countermeasures, including energy conservation
  • • Conservation and effective use of water resources
We work to achieve the joint objective of engaging in sound business activities and environmental conservation. Duskin provides safe, reliable services and products that are eco-friendly throughout each phase of their lifespan, from production to after-use.
  • • Quality assurance
  • • Sustainable supply chain
  • • Research and development, product inspection
  • • Safety and reliability
  • • Communication with customers
Safety, reliability and quality
Our goal is to build an improved, enriched, more fulfilled society by providing safe and reliable products and services. We continuously strive to achieve the highest quality management that meets the requirements of our customers.
  • • Employment and work environment
  • • Human resource development
  • • Work-life balance
  • • Diversity
  • • Health maintenance and improvement
Human resources
The quality of our service depends on the people who provide the services. To provide considerate products and services, we need people with compassionate hearts as well as skills and knowledge. Based on this belief, Duskin puts thoughtful resources and efforts into a variety of education and training for our employees and franchisees.
  • • Harmonious coexistence with local communities
    (School education support, cleaning activities for local communities)
  • • Providing solutions for an aging society
  • • Empowering women in the workplace
Local and social contribution
As a corporation and a member of local communities, we aim to be of more assistance to the communities of our customers. Duskin's various initiatives contribute to our local communities in line with our philosophy of Sowing the Seeds of Joy.
  • • Corporate governance
  • • Risk management
  • • Compliance
Corporate governance
Corporate governance
In addition to establishing a management framework that allows us to accommodate changes in our business environment with swiftness and precision, we continue to maintain a structure, organization and systems for sound and highly transparent management. Duskin also places compliance at the center of all our corporate activities, in order to continuously improve our corporate value.

KPIs, goals and results

  Focused areas KPIs and goals FY2017 results Assess-
Efforts and progress
E Environment CO2 emission:
3% reduction from FY2014 level by FY2017
7.3% reduction
from FY2016
12.9% reduction
from FY2014
At Food Group, all shops and restaurants manage energy consumption through controlling air-conditioner temperature and avoiding simultaneous use of equipment. Production & Logistics facilities reduce energy loss by introducing energy-saving equipment and improving efficiency of machinery operation.
S Safety, reliability and quality Among all products offered, maintain zero critical defects immediately after introduction Zero critical
We are seeking to reinforce our product management structure by expanding the scope of audits and increasing the number of items to be audited at our plants. This is because defects of new products are more likely to occur before the production line stabilizes.
Human resources Promoting diverse employees to more active roles Ratio of women in managerial positions
(Duskin, non-consolidated):
Increase to 8.0% or more by FY2018, from 6.0% in FY2015
Increased to 6.4%
with two new
women managers
(24 in total)
We are working to support women's career development and to offer them greater opportunities. At Duskin there are many women at senior staff level. We provide them with opportunities to acquire necessary skills and raise their awareness about becoming managers during career development training.One example of women excelling at Duskin is Manager of Merry Maids Division, who received a second Osaka Sakuyahime Award. The award is presented to leaders who have been playing active roles in business and cultural activities.
Human resource development Annual training hours per employee
(Duskin, non-consolidated):
12.5 hours/employee in FY2014. Investment in further development of human resources will be continued by maintaining this level of training hours.
To develop human resources, we have invested in Prayerful Management study sessions, career development programs and e-learning courses.
Local and social contributions Participants in Clean Up My Town:
300,000 people or more by FY2017, from a total of 219,000 participants since 2006
Ten locations nationwide with 284,911 participants A volunteer cleaning activity was held at World Heritage Koyasan Kongobuji Temple. With the support of the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan, we continue cleaning activities at world heritage sites.
Participants of Sow the Seeds of Cleanliness on-site classroom:
1,620 schools with 162,000 participants by FY2017
1,988 schools with 176,624 student participants We now have over 500 School Cleaning Masters at our franchises. To improve the lesson quality and skills of the masters and increase their motivation, Duskin has held new renewal training for a better training curriculum. A book was even published recently about our school cleaning activities.
G Corporate
Strengthening corporate governance to enhance fairness and transparency of management as well as to realize our growth strategy Improve the effectiveness of the Board of Directors Every Director and Audit & Supervisory Board Member receives a self-evaluation questionnaire once a year. A third party expert collects the answers from the questionnaire. Based on the results of the questionnaire, the Outside Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members Council* analyzes and evaluates the Board of Directors' activities from many standpoints and makes recommendations to the Board. In FY2017, the Board of Directors examined their recommendations and the initiatives to undertake during FY2018 to improve effectiveness of the Board. *The council consists of three Outside Directors and three Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members, who are designated as Independent Directors.

New KPIs and goals

  Focused areas Social issues KPIs Goals
E Environment Energy saving,
global warming
CO2 emission By FY2030
26% reduction from FY2013 level in accordance with the Plan for Global Warming Countermeasures by the Ministry of the Environment
By FY2020
16% reduction from FY2013
Waste reduction Rate of recycling food waste By FY2020
50% or more recycling in accordance with the Food Recycling Law
S Safety, reliability and quality Safety and reliability Critical defects immediately after introduction of all products offered By FY2020
Maintain zero defects immediately after introduction
Sustainable supply chain Routine auditing of contracted food processing plants manufacturing our private brand products By FY2020
Conduct routine audits as planned (complete 100%) by efficiently managing the records of the plants
Human resources Employment and work environment (work-style reform) Total annual hours worked per employee
(Duskin, non-consolidated)
By FY2020
Continue to reduce long working hours by implementing our own Premium Friday Campaign* and promote employees to take more paid leaves
* Employees are encouraged to leave the office earlier on the last Friday of every month.
Reduction to 1,850 hours or less
Diversity Ratio of women in managerial positions
(Duskin, non-consolidated)
By FY2020
The first action plan was developed in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.
Update our plan to have 8% or more female managers, by changing the target year from FY2018 to FY2020
Human resource development Annual training hours per employee
(Duskin, non-consolidated)
By FY2020
Incorporate Japan Franchise Association courses into our education and training to improve our career development and e-learning programs
12.5 hours/employee
Local and social contributions Harmonious coexistence with local communities Our annual event, Clean Up My Town FY2018
Plan to clean two World Heritage sites; continue to organize and be involved in other regional cleaning activities
Our annual events, school education support activities FY2018
20 seminars for teachers with 450 participants Sow the Seeds of Cleanliness on-site classroom
800 schools with 72,000 participants
G Corporate
Corporate governance Improve the effectiveness of the Board of Directors FY2018
Duskin started using the Operating Officer System to further enhance the Board of Directors' decision-making and oversight functions, and expedite business execution through the delegation of authority. We are committed to maximizing the effectiveness of this system.