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Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Day after day, beginning with today,
both you and I have a chance
to begin our lives anew.

Whether our lot today be profit or loss, be spiritually ready for loss.

As a planter would, let us sow the seeds of joy to every person we meet each day.

For everyone, for you and me,
may we lead our lives in this world to the fullest, realizing our maximum spiritual and material potential.

Employees' attitude toward their duties that forms the basis of their daily deeds

Duskin Higan (Earnest Wish)

Humility, wisdom, strength, a virtuous heart these are the things we strive to develop.
The most important task is to develop people.
To work is enjoyable.
Profit is the reward of joyous transactions.
Through business (economics) we would be useful to world peace.

Duskin Ikka-no-inori (Duskin's Prayer)

Money is transient.
Social standing is unreliable.
I shall not worry about what others think.
Just work earnestly, walk the road of repentance.
Give of oneself, and repay all debts with gratitude.
This I shall do.

Contribution to society through Business Operation

Based on the franchise business system, Duskin has operated its businesses to Sow the Seeds of Joy. We strive to continuously improve our corporate value by sharing joy with people in the communities and contributing to their lifestyles being rich in both spirit and materials.

Contribution to society through Business Operation

Contribution to society through Business Operation