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CSR Management

At Duskin Group, we strive to meet the expectations of society and pursue sustainable growth while serving our local communities. Underlying these efforts is the philosophy of Economy and Morals in Unity, which has been at the core of our business since it began.
Accordingly, a set of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles has been established for each employee of the group to observe. These principles serve as guidelines for our socially responsible actions.

CSR vision

Proactively respond to the expectations of society

In maintaining good relationships with people, society and the environment, we humbly and attentively listen to the voice of society, and respond to its expectations.
We contribute to the sustainable development of local communities where people live rich and happy lives through providing safe, reliable and outstanding products and services.

Principles for action

Under the philosophy of Economy and Morals in Unity, the basis of our business management, we aim to achieve sustainable growth while playing a useful role in society. Duskin Group has accordingly put in place the CSR principles, which each employee of the group must observe. Compliance with these principles is a prerequisite for responding to the wishes of customers, members of communities, franchisees, suppliers, shareholders, and coworkers at each workplace, and is a must for practicing the management philosophy of Sowing the Seeds of Joy.

CSR principles

1. Sustainable growth
We Sow the Seeds of Joy to continuously respond to the trust of society.
2. Respect for human rights
We protect human rights and respect the individuality of each person.
3. Environmental conservation
We protect the global environment by implementing all possible measures.
4. Dialogue and exchange
We care for other people and build a better society.
5. Products and services
We make customers happy with our products and services.
6. Improving the work environment
We establish a work environment in which everyone can fairly develop their characteristics and abilities and feel the joy of work.
7. Compliance
We act and think from the standpoint of others.
8. Information management
We handle with meticulous care and properly manage information.
9. Risk management
In an emergency, we place the highest priority on the safety of human life and cooperate with local communities for mutual help.

Code of Conduct Statement

Aiming to be a trustworthy and reliable company

  • 1.We always think of customers in everything we do.
  • 2.We observe the law in all that we do.
  • 3.We are ethical in all our actions.
  • 4.We take pride in everything we do.

To serve as a concrete guideline for realizing the Code of Conduct Statement, we have formulated a Code of Conduct for our business operations.

Stakeholder engagement

Duskin Group considers it important to identify our materialities, key ESG issues we need to tackle through dialogues with stakeholders, as well as to focus on ESG activities from diverse perspectives, based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and international guidelines*.
In this process, we will sustainably enhance the corporate value of the entire group by performing PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycles for identified ESG activities.

*Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, ISO26000, and other Socially Responsible Index (SRI) criteria

Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholders Stakeholder engagement Opportunities for dialogue
Customers To be the most customer-oriented company in the world, and to put pro-customer ideas into practice Consumer gatherings, Contact Center, fan meetings, Duskin website
Employees Employees support each other, embrace challenges and grow together. Labor-management council, Occupational Health and Safety Committee, hotlines, training programs, employee survey
Shareholders, investors To enhance corporate governance and continuously improve our corporate value Investor communication, financial results briefings, company briefings for individual investors
Local communities To become the most trusted and reliable service provider building harmonious and prosperous relationships with local communities Clean Up My Town, laundry plant tours, Duskin Museum, educational activities for fraud prevention
Global environment To operate environmentally responsible businesses with goals for continuous growth Contribution to the conservation of the Hakusan National Park ecosystem
Response to the Ordinance on Global Warming Prevention
Government, NPOs To support government-led programs through business activities Cooperation for research and surveys, participation in conferences and committees, activities through the Duskin AINOWA Foundation
Suppliers To build strong partnerships through fair and appropriate transactions Supplier Study Sessions, trade shows, Duskin Purchasing Clean Line
Franchisees Duskin head office and franchisees share the same philosophy. Support by our Area Managers, franchisee award programs, franchisee associations